Whether you want a premium "New Gun" feel or you just don't want to deal with the mess and headache. Cleanings make up a large portion of my business. I guarantee my work and will re-clean your firearm(s) if you are not satisfied the first time. (So far this has never been a problem) 

*Discounts are given to multiple firearms, regular customers and military/LEO.


Base vs premium

Whether it’s antique or new, old school or modern, I can clean it all. While the "Basic" cleaning is already thorough and detailed; the "Premium" Service is even better, using premium solvents and lubrication for a longer lasting period of storage and shooting before another cleaning is necessary.
Think of it like this - Economy and First-Class get you to the same destination, First-Class just treats you a bit better. 

Diagnostics and Estimates

Is your gun not ejecting, extracting, feeding, firing or functioning like it used to? Not sure what the problem is? Let me take a look at it. I have seen many problems through the years, many of them are as simple as a good cleaning while others require replacement parts or minor machining. All diagnostics and estimates cost a flat rate fee regardless of the complexity of the problem. I will give you my honest assessment of the problem and potential solution to that problem. Whether you have me do the repairs or not, it will be my pleasure to assist you in fixing your problem.