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Firearms repair and diagnostic

Andrew Jackson began his career in firearms at the age of 19 becoming a unit level armorer and squad designated marksman in the US Army. This built a joy and passion for maintaining firearms. In his free time he would modify his own firearms and buy broken firearms to repair just to see if he could and to learn about what he couldn't. 
At this time there are many services available everything from cleaning to modifying. No job is too small.  I've even done work on air rifles...

*Most work is performed by Andrew Jackson, however it may be required at times to outsource to other well qualified and trusted craftsmen. If this is necessary you will be notified before hand. 

**While Andrew's knowledge is always growing about this vast craft, he doesn't know it all. If he is presented with a job he can not do yet, or is uncomfortable attempting he will let you know and try to offer you other options including references to other firearms workers whom he trusts. 


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Andy has done several small and large projects on my guns. He’s always incredibly professional and friendly. I know I can trust him to get the job done right.



I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.



About Me


I started my career with firearms when I was 19. This is a little bit of a late start for many in this field, usually being pasts down through the family. I, instead, was introduced to firearms in the U.S. Army where I served as first a Military Policeman and later an Indirect Fire Infantryman (Mortars). I was trained and served as both a unit level armorer and a squad designated marksman further evolving my passion for firearms.
The real turning point however came after I was Medically Retired from the Army. I brought one of my rifles (a mosin nagant) to a local gunsmith to have some trigger work done and he wouldn't touch it for less than $200! I bought the gun for $89.99... I thought to myself that the price was outrageous! I knew then that I wanted to offer a more affordable service for gunsmithing and I began to study, experiment and learn.